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Original Metabolife 356 With Ephedra

Do you remember the Original Metabolife 356 with Ephedra diet supplement? This was not only one the most popular products during the ephedra craze, it was also one of the most effective. As were most pills that contained ephedra back then, this was able to be purchased without any kind of restrictions.

Sadly, you might also remember that the FDA became concerned with ephedra and products that contained this powerful weight loss ingredient. After the FDA ban in 2004 it was removed from stores and is no longer available.

Today, there are a number of different Metabolife products available, however they are all ephedra-free. One question that many people have is whether or not these new versions can provide similar results.

Review of Metabolife 356 With Ephedra:

Metabolife’s best-selling product Metabolife 356, once generated hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales. Initially, this product was developed back in the 1990′s as it was discovered that ephedra actually had some applications in the area of weight loss.

Originally, ephedra was thought to only be effective as a bronchodilator, a type of compound that worked by helping air passageways to relax and open, even when they were clogged or congested. This led to the ingredient being used extensively in cough, decongestant, asthma, and other breathing remedies and medications.

Of course, this all changed during the 1990′s and many different supplement manufacturers decided to begin producing ephedra based weight loss and diet supplements. These all tended to be very effective, reportedly being able to raise the metabolism and lead to actual fat burning and weight loss.

These supplements even tended to be effective regardless of whether or not the user was actually engaged in any type of specific workout or weight loss program.

Such was indeed the case with Metabolife 356. Many users reported a lot of successful results. This included weight loss as well as even strength and muscular gains while reducing their body fat levels and percentages.

Sadly, the FDA then decided to step into the picture and banned ephedra weight loss and fat burning products from the market. This led to Metabolife Ephedra being taken off the market.

The key to Metabolife 356′s success was the natural weight loss ingredients of ephedra, caffeine, and green tea.  There were other synergistic ingredients though those were three of the most successful ones for weight loss.  There have been tons of studies that have shown the combination of ephedra and caffeine have a greater effect than taken separately.

New Metabolife 356 Products:

After this, the company decided to re-tool and they have now created a new line of weight loss and fat burning supplement products. Of course, in order to actually comply with the FDA ban (which is still in force) none of the products contain ephedra.

Many of them do have a number of other ingredients that are reported to be thermogenics, or fat-burning items. They include things like green tea and caffeine. The problem for many consumers is that they are usually marketed as monthly plans which can be a bit expensive.

Buy Metabolife 356 Ephedra Altertatives

Metabothin is the closest ephedra product you can get to the original Metabolife.  You will find the same effective combination of ephedra, caffeine, and green tea extract.

As you raise your caloric burn with ephedra and caffeine the green tee extract works as both a metabolic booster and an antioxidant supporting the removal of free radicals.  Free radicals caused by burning calories if left in your body cause serious negative damage to your cells and ability to lose weight.

Metabothin also has chromium which isn’t as exciting as ephedra though it is an essential mineral your metabolism needs to function properly.

Metabodrene 356
You will basically find almost the same combination of ingredients in  Metabodrene 356 as Metabothin.  The core ingredients are all in there including ephedra, caffeine, and green tea extract.

Metabotrol is similar in its weight loss ingredient profile including ephedra, caffeine, and green tea extract though one key included ingredient is white willow bark or aspirin.  This makes Metabotrol an ECA stack which is one of the most effective ways to take an ephedra product for max results.

If you liked Metabolife 356 you’ll love Metabothin B56. You can get it here: Metabothin B56

Frank J Huerta

Frank J Huerta is the founder and proprietor of NetNutri and Nutricentro International, Hudson County's oldest, independent health foods store with 26 years of continuous service at the flagship location. Frank started his 40-year career in the clinical laboratory field, where he developed nutritional testing techniques utilized by top alternative medicine doctors in assessing their patients' nutritional status. Frank worked with the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) staff at Tufts University to develop an in-house test for measuring Vitamin D3, which he provided to tens of thousands of patients in the late 80s before vitamin D3 testing was a thing. Frank sponsored and contributed to many medical conventions and was a speaker at ACAM, The American College for the Advancement of Medicine. Additionally, he educated physicians on the value of nutritional testing through seminars, presentations, and as a guest speaker on prominent talk radio health shows. His early work in clinical medicine led to his current passion for nutritional supplementation, and he cofounded several brands, including a professional brand distributed by healthcare clinicians. "My contribution is to empower my customers through knowledge, encourage personal responsibility for health, and offer first quality supplements that are independently tested and verified for purity." Frank attended New York City Community College in Brooklyn, NY, and continued his education at Lehman College in Bronx, NY.

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  1. Nina milanese

    Would really like to try your product.

  2. Suzie Holl

    I want some, whole office were dieting on metabolife in 97-99

  3. Lee bleh

    Please explain to me,

    The only supplement like this that I could take was the 356. My mind was clearer, I had energy, focus, less anxity, could sleep at night, finished college and felt fabulous every single day. Since then, I’m back to the struggle. It’s been a decade. I’ve bought other things, but only this exact formula works; everything else makes me feel bad, or does nothing. Can I get it anywhere???? Is there really a true equivalent? It’s not just the ephedra that works, it’s the exact combination. Please help me understand.


    1. Frank Huerta

      Metabothin comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We are certain you will be delighted with the product. Click here to view HERE

  4. KSH

    Am skeptical. But might be worth a try with my diet and exercise regime.

  5. Rosa Lester

    Omg I love to get the original.Anyone who can give me the site where I can buy it..

  6. cindy

    it states in metabocdrene 356 it contains ephedra, however i thought ephedra was banned (The core ingredients are all in there including ephedra, caffeine, and green tea extract.)this is taken from the ingredients in metabodrene 356. Please confirm. thank you….Cindy

  7. Samia Abdelal

    I loved Metabolife i toked It 1999 all the way to 2004 i lost 75 pound i had so much Energy I work two jobs at that time I don’t think i would make it without it, yes i heard a bout the death my self i have a family friend who have 3 kids she was obsessed with losing weight she was very skinny I don’t think i ever see her eating I’m not sure if those people who diy have healthy issue heart problems don’t drink enough water don’t eat At all yes it is a lot off caffeine I myself felt that I was shaky sometimes if I don’t have a lot of water and eat some thing with so anyway i love to buy it again please let me know how can i get the one replace Metabolife 356 or Metabolife 356 himself Please please

  8. Latonia

    I used this back in the 90s. It worked very well with my 3 to 4 mile jogging 4 days a week. I love that product wish I can get some.

  9. Virginia Moncada

    I used Metabolife with ephedra and it was the best and only weight loss that ever worked for me.

  10. Bonnie Hoover

    I lost 100 pounds on this in early 2000 i want it again

  11. Patricia Cobb

    I took the original Metabolife, and it worked great for me! I wish it was still on the market, but I will try these new pills and see if I get the same or similar results.

    Also, you should have someone proofread your ad – “Altertatives”???

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